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Franklin Ajaye gets burned by hot tar

Peter Jason: And Franklin got tarred and feathered — he actually got hurt

Franklin: No I didn’t …

Paula Malcomson: Thank God.

Franklin: They actually screwed up. One day they … well, first of all, there was this extra, this old guy with a beard, right? Every day he would say, "Are they gonna tar and feather you today?" So the first time… two times he said that I thought, "Oh, he’s just an enthusiastic cat."

Sean Bridgers: That's just a euphemism — yeah.

Franklin: And every time I’d go on the set he’d say, "Are they going to tar and feather you today?" And I said "When they do ..." — to myself — "when they do tar and feather me I'm going to be looking for this guy, all right, because I'm a student of the enthusiastic. So anyway, we shot that scene all day which, you know… I mean that was a scene when I watched it, it was so brief I said, "Wow – I can't believe we shot it all day." But one of the takes, for some … it got hot and when they put it on me it was actually really hot and I don't know if they used that take because I really screamed. I mean, I was acting except on that one. And they said, "How'd that happen?" So anyway I said, "You know, if it happens again it’s gonna be the FBO Network, not the HBO Network." I had to go put some aloe vera on that, you know, I mean, but you know, I can bleep (?). I kept watching a little bit closer after that. But it was &mdash you know, I’ve still got the scar.

Jim: Every time they tell you this isn't going to hurt…

Paula: It's very hard to do physical scenes like that where you actually don't get hurt despite what they say.

Jim: I bet there's 75% of us on the show that haven't been on a horse.

Franklin: Like they had to teach me how to ride and then they didn't use it. They taught me one morning…

Paula: I saw him out there.

Sean: They taught you how to get on and off.

Franklin: On a dead horse.

Earl Brown: You know David just stood there to watch you squirm.

Franklin: I'll tell you, then they didn't use it. They didn't use it. They just had me getting off. And I almost pulled a muscle just getting on.

Jim: Yours or the horse’s?

Hawkeye Henson: The theory is to keep the horse between you and the ground, right?

Franklin: Yeah, that's it.

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