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Sean Bridgers carries a frozen pig

Peter Jason: It's a very physical show. Sean's dragging a dead body — remember that scene? — through the mud when it's really raining and that thing just wouldn't move. He had to drag a dead — who was that?

Sean: That was Ray McKinnon (who played Preacher Smith), wasn't it?

Paula Malcomson: Right.

Jim Beaver: Oh yeah — the Reverend.

Earl Brown: The preacher.

Peter: Yeah, the preacher — he was taking him over to Swearengen.

Sean: Which is fine, but you do it 15 times… The first couple times it's easy — what a great job.

Peter: … on a wooden sled — a 2 x 4 slide, you know.

Jim: You had that wrestling match with Wu the day you were carrying that real pig around on your shoulder.

Sean: Oh yeah, carrying the pig was fun. The pig was frozen when we started in the morning, and then it … by five o'clock it just started … the worst part of it was the way I had to set the pig so it's legs were like this (gesturing) to the front, because I had to flip it around my shoulder (?). That was a Milchism — it's like okay, you got the pig. But the problem with that was, after the pig had thawed for about five hours, every time you put the pig — I can't really explain — I'll try. You put the pig on (gesturing), and its cavity’s open, so — and it just makes this sound. I wish I had a microphone every time. It's right by my ear and it goes (makes a squishing sound). There's this big rowig (?) and I hear (makes squishing sound again).

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